#1 tool for Email Marketing Purposes since 2002. Free to try. Email Extractor Deluxe is a feature-rich application for collecting email addresses from websites, local HTML or text files, or local folders. It can also be used with a proxy server. Our application is incredibly fast, robust, and stable. It is also pretty easy to use even for a novice user.

Thanks to several scan-range limiters, you can easily specify exactly what you want to collect. Our application lets you limit the scan both in width and depth, and use wildcards to get rid of excessive paths. Thanks to its built-in HTML analyzing tool, you can use it even on a computer where Internet Explorer is not installed. (Don't worry, our extractor has an excellent compatibility with all major web server software.)




Email address search via search engines (using keywords). Just enter your keywords (for example, "realty agencies in New York" or "submit press release"), and Email Extractor Deluxe will find web sites containing them, load the web pages, and search for email addresses. Using this feature, you can quickly and easily build databases of email addresses most suitable for your company's needs.
  Email address search on specified web sites. Enter the URL of a web site. Email Extractor Deluxe will quickly crawl over all web pages on that site and extract all available email addresses.
  Email address search in files or web browser cache. Email Extractor Deluxe can quickly extract email addresses from any files (up to 2 Gbyte in size) or folders, as well as from the cache of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.
  Email address search in Microsoft Outlook's base. For your convenience, Email Extractor Deluxe has a built-in parser of DBX files.
  High performance and stability. Email Extractor Deluxe always runs in multi-threaded mode. By simultaneously loading several web pages or files, it can fully use your broadband connection to get results as fast as possible.
  Email list processing. Email Extractor Deluxe's built-in email address validator lets you easily check extracted emails. Thanks to that, you won't be sending messages to non-existent email boxes.
  Saving and exporting data. You can save the extracted email addresses in the CSV or TXT format, export them to Excel, or copy to the clipboard (using field delimiters of your choice).
  Rich features for experienced users. Email Extractor Deluxe lets you:

Limit the search depth;
Use filters to pick out only URLs and web pages containing certain keywords;
Specify titles of preferred web pages for extracting email addresses from;
Search by keywords via search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo;
Automate some operations by using command line mode.

Main Features:

A well thought-out GUI and rich functionality makes email address collection very easy.

You can enter an URL to search and collect email addresses from a specific site.

You can enter a keyword to use major search engines to collect email addresses.

You can extract email addresses from local files, folders, or whole disks.

You can add or remove search engines to better target a geographic location.

You can run up to 100 sessions at the same time, thanks to multi-threading.

You can limit the search depth to collect email addresses only from the "shallow" levels.

You can limit the number of URLs to be collected.

You can force it to collect email addresses only from the specified domain.

You can use its timeout feature to limit the time that its web crawler could otherwise spend on inactive websites and "honeypots".

You can pause or continue the session at any time.

You can automatically remove duplicate email addresses during the session.

You can manually delete or edit extracted email addresses.

You can save all extracted email addresses to a plain-text file (one address on each line).

You can export results to an Excel file.

You can export results to a CSV file.

You can save email addresses together with the original URLs, so you can get more targeted mailing lists.

You can specify a delimiter to be used between an email address and a corresponding URL.

You can import email addresses from Microsoft Outlook.

You can easily select and delete multiple email addresses from the resulting list. You can automatically save the latest settings.

You can set it up to connect to the Internet via a proxy server.

You can collect email addresses password-protected websites.

You can collect email addresses online even without using a "mailto" tag.

Its built-in web crawler smartly avoids unwanted links and ads on search result pages.

It works incredibly fast yet consumes only a little of system resources.

It is highly optimized to minimize its system footprint and improve performance.

Its distribution package is small, so you can quickly download it.



User Reviews:

"Best-of-all email harvester ever!"





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