A lot of people would like to get a ready list of email addresses, which can be used for direct mailing. Why spend months to collect email addresses, if you can buy them for a reasonable sum?

But it's not that simple, and in most cases buying a list of addresses is a waste of money. Let me explain the reason.

Suppose some guy has collected a list of email addresses for his own use; surely, he has acquired a very valuable resource! In this case, email marketing will work great, because that guy has a list of persons he can send messages to on a regular basis; it will help him increase his sales, build trust, stimulate software downloads, etc.

However, the value of such list may decrease if it's misused. For example, if you flood your subscribers with tons of ads, they may stop replying to you or just unsubscribe. Besides, spam abuse complaints may follow.

As you can see, there is a good reason to value your mailing list. If the list owner decides to let third parties send messages using that list, he would surely want to control the process. Be warned that if someone offers you an email list without any conditions, thousands of other people may get that list too. The end user will be receiving thousands of messages; naturally, no one is going to read all them, so the effect from ads will be very small (if not zero).

Therefore, if someone offers you a list of email addresses or proposes to send direct emails on behalf of you, in 99 out of 100 cases you will get a list of addresses flooded with spam.
In the best case, the effect from your direct emails will be negligent; in the worst, your site will be banned for spamming. Beware of offers like "1 million email addresses for $10" that's just another way to say goodbye to your money!

It is much more effective to collect a list of email addresses on your own by using a special program, so-called "email collector". Thanks to such software, you can create targeted mailing lists by specifying keywords for searching or websites for scanning.




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