Keep your email list up to date! Email Verifier can save you time and money if you regularly send news to your customers or subscribers, and need to clean your email list from invalid addresses from time to time.

Email Validation Process

Email Verifier

Current version: 1.1
Released: 11 March 2012
Program Size: 2.7 Mb
System Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

It’s very simple to use Email Verifier: Import the list of email addresses for verification from your email extractor or any other program. Click the “Validate Emails” button in the application’s main window and wait for a while to let it check the email addresses. Then you can delete all emails that failed the check and copy those that passed the check to the clipboard, or export them into a text file, Excel spreadsheet, or CSV file.

Email Verifier checks each email address as follows:

  1. Syntax verification. All email addresses incompatible with the RFC324 requirements will be discarded. For example, the following addresses will be deleted from the list: [email protected], z, and

  2. Checking if the MX server exists. If the domain name specified in the email address doesn’t exist or the MX server is inaccessible, the email will be deleted. It’s the fastest and most reliable email address validation method.

  3. SMTP verification. Email Verifier tries to connect to the SMTP server by simulating message sending. Actually, it doesn’t send any message and disconnects as soon as the server replies that the email address exists (or doesn’t exist).

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