Main window

Main window is divided into two lists: address list and task list. Program is managed thru menu and toolbar above them, and information about job status is displayed in status bar underneath the lists.


Address list (on the left)

Address list contains found e-mail addresses in Address column and web-adresses, where those e-mails were found, in Source column. With left mouse button, double-click on a list item you can send an e-mail thru your e-mail client.

Task list (on the right)

Task list consists of four columns. Page: web-page URL or file location, Emails: number of e-mails found on this page, Links: number of links found on this page, and, if task was unable to complete, there will be an error description in the Comment column. With left mouse button, double-click on a list item to open web-page or file in your web-browser.


The program is fully managed thru this menu. The Program Setup window can be called from Scan/Program settings menu item. For your convenience, it is also possible to call Scan/Internet settings window. New scan process, saving its results and loading a project can be called from File menu. Job results can be saved as a mailing list (.TXT file) or exported to Microsoft Excel (.XLS file) - indeed, to do that you need MS Excel installed on your computer. On save or export of results the program will create a so-called file header. This function can be turned off in the Program settings window.


Some menu items are duplicated in toolbar:

(img) Create new project. On project creation, task list and address list are cleared.
(img) Web search (using HTTP protocol). This option is recommended to use when searching on web-pages.
(img) Local search - performed in selected directory or disk. This option is recommended to use when there are a lot of unconnected HTML files. This search also works in popular web-browsers' caches.
(img) Stop scanning. After stopping a scan you can resume it, save results or create a new project.
(img) Turn off new links addition to task list.
(img) Delete selected task or e-mail address from the list.
(img) Export results to Microsoft Excel format.
(img) Call the built-in help system.


Status bar

The status bar is divided into five fields.

In the first field, current program status is displayed. In second, graphed status of task performance - relation of number of tasks number to total number of tasks is displayed. The last three fields contain the number of found e-mail addresses, number of processed documents, and total number of documents in the task list.














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