Version 4.0 - released on February 1, 2012

Many bugs was fixed
New website crawler engine
Email verifier
Import feature
Ability to add, edit, sort, copy emails, delete duplicates
Many new settings and options
Website email extractor is improved

Version 3.0 - released on 31 January 2011

Many new features
Engine is improved
Many bugs was fixed
New website
Ability to extract emails from a folder
Ability to extract emails from any file

Version 2.51 - released on August 16, 2003

Small fixes in the program.
New option: "Turn off new links addition to task list".
New option: "Sound when scanning is completed".

Version 2.5 - released on July 1, 2003

Program now has its own HTML-parser, which allows you to work without having Internet Explorer installed!
Web-page searching algorithm is considerably improved.
Program security improved.

Version 2.1 - released on June 10, 2003

Added Program setup and Internet setup windows.
Interface is slightly improved.

Version 2.0 - released on June 4, 2003

Program is now based on Internet Explorer kernel.
Program is considerably optimized.
Some small improvements.

Version 1.8

Added splash-screen.
Now you can send an e-mail or open a page with just a click on a list item.

Version 1.7

Created a multifunctional menu, some errors are fixed.

Version 1.65

Export emails to MS Excel is added.

Version 1.6

New interface has been developed, help file is written.

Version 1.4

Added "local search" function for search on local disks, directories and .TXT-files.

Version 1.3

Some serious errors are fixed; searching process is accelerated.

Version 1.1

Interface is considerably impoved, web-page searching engine is improved.

Version 0.9

First public version.















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