Direct electronic mailing is a tool of mass communication, group communication, and advertising. It consists of automatically sending email messages to a group of recipients by using a pre-made list of email addresses.

A mailing list is a named list of email addresses. It is used for mass sending of email messages, which usually advertise something or inform the recipient about something.

By sending such messages, you can increase the loyalty of your customers, keep them interested in your product or company, tell them about new products, conduct surveys, and so on.

To make an email list, you can use one of the following three methods:

Collect email addresses using special programs, known as email extractor software. (This is the fastest and most reliable method.)

Collect email addresses through a website subscription form.

Buy topical databases of email addresses from specialized companies (article: how to buy email list).

If by regularly sending entertaining or informational emails you manage to amass a sufficient number of subscribers, you can insert advertisements in your messages, which will help you cover your expenses or maybe even make a profit. (But it's important not to overdo it with ads.) It may seem that sending ad-sponsored messages to mailing-list subscribers is less effective than spamming, simply because the number of recipients is much smaller. Nonetheless, such low-key advertizing is in demand as not every advertiser wants to be associated with spammers. Besides, this approach has an important advantage: Thanks to useful information in the messages, they won't be blocked by spam filters.





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